Baldwin County Public Schools
Fairhope Intermediate Fairhope, AL
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Stacey, Christina Assistant Principal
Broughton, Carol Principal
Benton, Andy Assistant Principal

Banks, Jenny Cafeteria Manager
Bemis, Margaret 6th Grade
Benton, Andy Assistant Principal
Bonner, Kenita Counselor
Brodie, Curtis PE
Broughton, Carol Principal
Campbell, Frances Gifted Education Teacher
Caswell, Jenna 5th Grade
Conaway-Washington, Leah 4th Grade Teacher
Curry, Brittany 4th Grade
Denham, Sarah 6th Grade
Dumas, Margaret Gifted Education Teacher
French, Virginia 6th Grade Teacher
Fulkerson, Michelle Resource Teacher
Gilbert, Leslie Resource/Speech
Gilheart, Payton 5th Grade Teacher
Henson, Christina 6th Grade Math
Hymel, Ryan PE
Jackson, Trina 4th Grade Teacher
Keenan, Lisa 6th Grade Teacher
Kennington, Sellers 6th Grade Earth/Space Science and Social Studies
Kirtland, Beth 4th Grade
Lauber, Marla 4th Grade
Lees, Terry Resource / Intervention
Lucas, Gloria Librarian
McCarthy, Peggy Counselor
McKinney, Steve Music
Mitchell, Susan 4th Grade Teacher
Normand, Robert Itinerant K-6 General Music
Parrish, Polly WINGS
Patrick, Linda 5th Grade Teacher
Pritchard, Alison 5th Grade
Ray, Dee Paraeducator
Reeves, Claire Resource Teacher
Roberts, Myra Resource Teacher
Rush, Kayla 6th Teacher
Sauls, Joan ResourceTeacher
Smith, Amanda 5th Grade Teacher
Smith, Linda 6th Grade Gifted Education
Stacey, Christina Assistant Principal
Steigerwald, Emily 6th Grade Social Studies/Science
Sutley, Patricia 5th Grade Teacher
Taylor, Alice 6th Grade Teacher
Thompson , Allyson 5th Grade
Thorjusen, Elizabeth Resource
Tuveson, Tyler 4th Grade
Walker, Heather 4th Grade
Waselkov, Linda 5th Grade Teacher
Wilcoxon, Jilli 5th Grade
Wiles, Rose 6th Grade Teacher
Wilson, Tara Resource Teacher
Witherington, Rebecca 4th Grade

Banks, Jenny Cafeteria Manager
Bellamy, Sharon Cafeteria
Dean, Alice Office/Bookkeeper
Fortenberry, Cindy Office
Grossman, Mel Paraeducator
Howell, Heather Nurse
Krueger, Alice Cafeteria
Langley, Jeannie Office/Registrar
Lawrence, Jackie Paraeducator
Lettieri, Janet Cafeteria
Moore, Marion Paraeducator/Library
Padgett, Victoria Custodian
Ray, Dee Paraeducator
Sanders, Ricky Grounds and Maintenance Supervisor
Stanley, James Paraeducator
Wasp, Michael Cafeteria
Williams, Nicole Paraeducator, Elizabeth